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Car Park Steward
Upon arrival at the event site, vehicles will be directed from the gates to the allocated parking area. Stewards are required to give clear and concise hand signals and verbal instruction to guide vehicles into position. They will take instruction from the supervisor and will be required to respond quickly to the changing dynamics of traffic and the area in which they are working.

Car Park Supervisor
Ensuring the cohesive operation of the car parks team. Giving clear and concise direction to the team to ensure that the car park is filled as per the plan and to avoid any issues that may occur as a result of customers not understanding what is being asked of them by the team. Supervisors need to know and understand the potential issues that may arise within the car park and have a good understanding of how to overcome these issues. Additionally, they will be required to report back to their line manager at regular intervals with updates on progress and issues.

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Campervans Steward
One specialist service that we provide is the management of campervan areas within events. The campervans team, led by the supervisor, ensure the safe, efficient movement and siting of each campervan upon arrival. Some events have different grades of pitch (i.e. with or without electric, accessible pitches or premium pitches). It is important that we ensure each customer gets to the correct pitch first time, as it is very difficult to re-site a customer if they have been shown to the wrong pitch.

Pitch Prefects
Operating under the Campervans Team, our Pitch Prefect team are tasked with ensuring that customers within the campervans area are adhering to the health and safety regulations of the site (i.e. ensuring that fire lanes are kept clear of obstructions) and offering a friendly face of the event to answer any queries that may arise.

Car Park Ticket Seller
Selling car park tickets to the public upon entry to the event. This role involves cash handling. The ticket sales supervisor will audit all tickets and cash. Staff will be responsible for ensuring that cash receipts tally with the tickets sold and that traffic continues to move through the sales point smoothly. During ingress, this key role requires a confident and efficient operator. The key is to keep vehicles moving smoothly. Thirty seconds of unnecessary conversation with one car can have a cumulative effect of traffic building up on external roads.

Car Park Ticket Seller Supervisor
Ensuring the cohesive operation of the car park ticket sales team. This role involves cash handling. The supervisor will be required to collect cash from the team, ensure that each seller is well stocked with tickets and float, ensure that the tickets are being used in sequential order and to keep a watchful eye on the cash takings. They will additionally be required to provide their line manager with regular updates on ticket sales and to adhere to the cash handling procedures as per the event plan. Any issues or concerns are reported to the line manager as soon as they arise.Type your paragraph here.

Internal Traffic Steward
Ensuring the smooth and safe flow of traffic within an event site. This may involve controlling one-way operations, controlling the movement of vehicles through event gates, pick-up and drop off area or at strategic points around an event site.

Internal Traffic Supervisor
Ensuring the cohesive operation of an internal traffic stewarding team. This involves being in constant communication with the team on all points, knowing the points where congestion can build up and proactively managing the team to alleviate pressure on key points during both the build & break phase and during the event. Additionally, the ITS will be required to report back to their line manager at regular intervals with updates on progress and issues.Type your paragraph here.

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